Family Protection Act

In September 2013, CFC PNG joined its members and sponsors to celebrate the passage of the Family Protection Act 2013.

The Act was in itself an important and major achievement of the Strategic Plan 2008-2012. The Family Protection Act is the enabling legislation that underpins a countrywide response to Family Violence.

The Family Protection Act 2013 is gender friendly and does not discriminate.

Coalition for Change PNG Inc. is now working with Department of Justice & Attorney General and other partner organisations such as Family Sexual Violence Action Committee to fully embed the Family Protection Act 2013 in the frontline agencies as such Police, Village and District Courts of Papua New Guinea.

One of the aspects of general awareness that Coalition for Change PNG Inc. is currently doing to translation the general Family Protection Act 2013 processes into Pidgin and Motu.  This will be a good source of resource for people in rural communities and settlements.

Coalition for Change PNG Inc. is only too happy to carry our general awareness on the Family Protection Act in villages, business, women, men and youth groups.

For more information, please contact 320-0227.