Awareness & Education

Coalition for Change PNG Inc. will continue to provide education and awareness of new policies and regulations specifically to drive awareness of the Family Protection Act in targeted geographical areas and targeted sectors. Not only that but also to advocate, support and facilitate awareness and educational programmes, focusing particularly on men and the involvement of men as partners in preventative programmes.

Workplace Awareness

Private Sector Awareness Program (WOK Seif Project)

The Purpose of this program is to “advocate and facilitate the development of a work place policy and associated training and awareness programs for employers.”

The major activity is the WOK Seif Project.

CFC had conducted initial research into addressing domestic violence as a work place issue and has developed draft fact sheets and a work place policy in relation to domestic violence. The concept is drawn from international experiences and modified to the PNG context.

The materials have been circulated to various companies, namely to their HR management divisions for their feedback on the suitability of the materials to PNG:

The response has been two fold:

  1. They are supportive to having a policy;
  2. They would like legislative reform that supported the policy;

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