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This is a Profile section for young members. Any interested young person can register here.

Young Corner (YC) is a social youth gathering or group under CFC that aims to advocate on the issue of domestic violence and violence in a home. It  involves young, passionate and vibrant individuals who are keen to step up and take a stand to END domestic violence. 

You as a young person can be a part of this significant movement simply by registering to be a member.    

Moto: ‘Say No to Domestic Violence & Break the Silence’

Young Member profile

Hello, my name is Amahlia Laka and I am a young member of Coalition For Change Papua New Guinea Inc. CFC is a great and strong organization that is trying to END violence against women by helping the people understand that its not okay to hit another person. What’s interesting is that CFC is not all about physical abuse, they also advice about emotional, verbal and economical abuse.

Being a member of CFC motivates me more into helping the young adults understand not to abuse a person in any way and to also talk about it a lot so that it is not a topic to be ashamed of. I encourage all you young adults out there to say NO to domestic violence and BREAK the SILENCE!

Hi, I’m Nicholas but you can call me Nicky. I’m a member of Coalition For Change Papua New Guinea Inc. As its name states CFC stands to make a change within our gender base culture in the aim to STOP domestic violence. 

As a teenager and a male advocate, I am very aware as to the magnitude of this problem and I stand firmly behind CFC to help END this norm.

” Women are far more than the notions we have for them culturally, even more they are the beautiful part with the same or more potential thus I would know I wouldn’t hurt a girl too”. 

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